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Jobless, Pennyless, and First Class Honours

Media Graduate- makes excellent tea!

Coming out of Uni and already I am having problems? I thought the point of Uni was to be more likely to get a job, but so far three months after finishing, I am still jobless and broke.

I honestly thought that this was going to be easy. More fool me. I knew the statistics, especially for a media graduate, but really I thought that by now, I would have a job to start in September. That might still happen, but with each passing day, it feels as if I am more likely to win the lottery then get a job (and I don't even buy lottery tickets, though that might be a more realistic plan at this point).

I started my research obviously, just googling 'how many students get a job after university?' and Channel 4* gave me the answer "81 per cent of people who finished their undergraduate degree..." Ok, that good "...three years ago are in full- or part-time work." THREE YEARS AFTER! And that doesn't even account for the type of work these post-grads are doing. Then this gem of a headline 'Men are more likely to be in full-time work three years after graduating than women'. Oh misogyny, our old friend. Great. Still, 81% is nothing to be sniffed at, but I don't want to be in that 19%.

So, what can I do, Is the question I keep asking myself. Well, in this modern world and with my industry, social media and the internet is the first step. Although I doubt I will ever be as intense on social media in my personal life, I think that using it to promote myself is one of the easiest and effective ways of getting noticed, (well, if someone is reading this, I must be doing something right, thank you). So far I have set up my lovely website, and am trying to write more often (i have a lot to say... really I do... honest) so that my lack of social media presence doesn't impact on my job prospects.

'Dear potential employer,

Please hire me. I really know how to do social media, despite my lack of presents online! I just have such a boring life at the moment! If I just posted pictures of my cats, you might think I am crazy (which I am but in a good way).

From Sophie'

Just saying!

Other than that.... apply, apply, apply. Literally, I must have applied for over 50 jobs now (I have a spreadsheet) and so far have had little to no response, except from BBC (Thank you!) which have been either, "you have reached the next stage", or "no" although they put it in fancier terms. The next stand is to use the formation spreadsheet to send off begging... sorry speculative cover letters and CV to various employers. I think this will be my best bet for now, as I don't seem to be hitting anything at the moment.

This has so far been my experience of being a post-grad, tedious, stressful and sometimes frustrating. I know what my career path is, or should be, it's the first step I am having problems with. I want to work in development and pre-production as either a content creator or production manager, my first step is an office runner or assistant in a production office. I will add that I would also love to start in locations; however, I need to finish learning to drive before that. I know I will achieve my dream job... eventually, all I can do is keep trying and work hard (sounds so cliche, but true).





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