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After four years of study, in two different countries and university, I have completed my degree in Film and Television Production, with First Class Honours. Now, I am set to find my own path that is not as clear as the past 18 years, which had pretty much been laid out for me. Here are the uncertainties, worries and hopes of a graduate in film and television production.

1. Getting a Job

Let's start out with the basics, I need a job. Sounds simple, but it really isn't. I already feel left behind before I even start, because I haven't started. Since the first of July, I have applied for over 25 jobs in media, not including the positions in Starbucks or Sainsbury's, only hearing back from a few, with negative results. This is probably the most significant uncertainty in my life at the moment. I can plan and strategies, but my near future depends on a couple of pieces of paper. So my worry is obviously not getting a job in the media and needing to rethink what I could actually do. However! I know I am capable, confident and determined to get into the industry, even though I thought I had a broad outlook, I am now seeing that media is everywhere and online content creation is the best area for me to enter into, and I would love to go into.

2. Social Life

Since leaving uni, I have a very... minimal social life. I would not call myself the most sociable, to begin with, but at uni, I had clubs, pubs and flatmates. Now I have none, many of my friends are working, living away or busy with their own social life, which I don't fit into. My uncertainty is who am I going to be spending my time with, boyfriends, BFF's, coffee mates, I don't know who I want to spend my time with, other than myself. An obvious concern is I am going to die alone, aged 25, from loneliness. Ok, maybe not, but I think leaving university is like leaving school, but this time you don't return to the same place every so often unless there is someone in the area. So what to do about my abhorrent social life. I am open to any suggestions. I think this aspect has to wait till I know literally where I am going, then find a gym, social group and speed dating to improve my socialises, which has been developing over the last two to three years, surprisingly so.

3. Personal Life

My personal life consists of simple things in life, food, fitness, writing, travel, youtube videos. Over the last few years, I have strived to improve my life, joining a gym, going travelling, watching new people on YouTube, I have been trying to change my lot. Now, I feel stuck. With the uncertainty comes the worry, and almost fear to move on, just in case something goes wrong and you are stuck. But... I have plans, lots of plans when I get my 'dream' job, I will book a trip to New Orleans next April/ May, I have set up a subscription box to pamper myself each season for the next year, and... that's as far as I have got, but when I think of it, I will do it. Will' is the only problem.

What lies ahead is uncertain. But not impossible. I know I am ready to do whatever is necessary to achieve and succeed, I know I can make new friends and find loves, I know I will become more then what I am now, for better. And I know this, because I have already done it at university, and achieved what I set out to do, get a first in Film and Television Production with a Year Abroad.

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