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Trouble with Weight and Fitness

Am I fit? I think I am. Am i athletic? No. Sporty? No. Work out everyday? No! but does that make me unfit. Well maybe.

Ok, so I shall start with a confession, I am overweight. Shocker, I eat chocolate and McDonalds; however I don't eat chocolate every day, nor do I eat fast food or cooked, processed food, I am happy to cook a meal for my self and don't drink at all. I love banana's, and I have tended to have less food than everyone else. As for fitness, I walk every day and make an effort to move every hour. Yet, here I am 12.5 stone and with a BMI of 30. But I can also say that in June last year I weighed 14.(something) stone.

For several reasons, I put on weight. Before secondary school and in my first year, I did several sports and activities, walked a lot because we only had one family car, and was just part of an active family. In secondary school, things began to change. I was depressed due to bullying, and at the time I was losing my hair, and as the hair went off, the weight went on, and because the hair was the more significant issue, I really didn't relish how bad it had gotten until the end of college, during a family holiday. Again I didn't eat particularly unhealthily, and I was relatively active, and to prove my point, my sister had lost weight and is 'thin'. Whereas I am the opposite.

While there are many issues I do have with myself, my body hasn't really been one of them, like I said my hair loss meant that the weight gain didn't register and because of that I was never bullied or teased for my weight. For that, I am really thankful for, because otherwise, I could have gone down a more dangerous road.

But, does it really mean that every day for the rest of my life, I am going to be careful about what I eat, and drink, and how many steps I do a day? Well, I hope not, but I am about to go travelling and feel that I would enjoy myself more if I were happy with the way I looked, that includes my body and hair. So this leaves me with trying to do 8,500 steps a day and eating healthier.

By 'eating healthier' I don't mean eating a salad for breakfast lunch and dinner, I mean moderation and cutting down on the stuff that is bad for me and increasing everything else. I am not eating anything I don't usually eat, but I am cutting out so things like crisps and limiting my number of sugary snacks. Also I am trying the Intermediate fasting, which although I wouldn't say its easy, is defiantly not as much of an issue as I would have thought, I can change my time to suit me also long I am fasting for 14 hours which is usually from 6:30 to 8:30, I can eat anything in that time, but it also means that I am disciplining myself to eat in moderation and not eat after a particular time, which correlates to eating less, so really good.

As for the exercise and fitness aspect I am walking more, going for a walk each evening to get the steps up, and then when I am in the mood I will do a work out, but nothing to strains or I would say pushing me to my limits, just every few days I am working on a script or another piece of work, and I just need to move for ten minutes, and in that time I do a short workout that I am quite happy to do, easy and straightforward. No weights or going to the gym. Saying that I am gymming, then I put on weight. Ah, not good. However I think that is more to do with my diet than anything, I was told I have more muscle mass than average for some reason, and I am not as heavy as I thought, interestingly enough I am considering in a healthier range than most people my age and weight, the reason, I am short. Meaning if I were an inch or two taller, my weight would be less of an issue. I started working out three months ago, mostly out of boredom and I like it, I don't think about anything but being tired and sweaty and the stitch in my side, and not about the crap in my life, yay me.

Health is a weird thing at the moment, not only is there conflicting information, but most of it will be proven wrong in the next year and actually eating McDonald's every day will be healthy. Ok, maybe not that but you know what I mean.

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