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The trouble with messanger

I want to say one thing. I HATE messenger, and texting and pretty much any form of text based communications. (so says the writer). But i do, especially today, i don't like it today because in a group message someone tried to shame me.

Disclaimer: I use messenger, and i text people, but under protest!

Ok, i'll start with why i didn't like it today. I am on a group message with my house mate who i honestly don't know that well. and in the group chat there was a text along the lines on 'I humbly request that the person who has a hair problem deal with the hair in the shower' How do i know this is me, because of my luscious, sumptuous, curly brown hair, most of it falls out in the shower, and yes every time. and do i clean it out yes, do i get all of it all the time, no. Who does? But my problem is everyone else doe the same thing, hair fulls out and guess who has to clean it out of the plug hole when they want a shower!

But this is (kind of) not a rant about the shower. this is about messenger and the damage it can cause. I have to deal with this passive aggressiveness from people on messages all the time! instead of confronting a person, people can now write a text and get away with being malicious without have people come back at them with their point of view. especially in a group text. if i say anything on the messenger they will know that this is directed at me and could be seen as a problem, if i say "and what about the lump of hair i had to pull out when i showered this morning?" I think this is why people like twitter and other social media i do not use.

Not only this, but on messenger you have to reply. If you are in the middle of a work day or the middle of the night people want you to reply as if you are with them. Otherwise there is a problem. i find it hard to reply to people not only with when but what to say? especially when you get a message out of the blue.

The worst thing about messenger for me, is when people say 'i'll talk soon' when they have no intention what so ever to. This summer was probably the most boring and disappointing. Most of my 'friend' did not message me, and when i messaged them, it would be one or two words, if i was lucky i got an emoji. what is the worst is seeing all these people at your fingertips and realising that you are not on the same wavelength anymore and living different lives.

I don't like messenger, I only once complained about someone or something, when trying to defend my work, and i got a tirade of abuse back. I don't want to cause offence with what i write and i would always talk to a person if i have a problem. I think people need to talk in person and should only use messenger to arrange to talk not a means.

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