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Starting University... again

I can be easily said that starting university is a new experience each year. I have had four new uni years at two different uni's. Each year has been a year of learning not just in class but as a person, you change a lot between 18 and (OMG) 21!

In your first year you are 18 young, just past (in theory) your A-levels and are now in the adult world of undergraduation. (One thing i have notice is that all new freshers wear their lanyards constantly! if you're are start you really don't need to.). By second year your are sick of it all and want it to be over already... ok maybe not me but certainly some people. I would say most peoples second year is probably the least stressful, for one you are not just starting out you are returning to a similar environment, and although yes, you have slightly more work but really what the worst that could happen? fail? This year doesn't count right? Then Third year... and this is where i can't talk from experience at least not from much experience in this, in my third year i went abroad, and when i came back, everyone was gone.

So third/ fourth year so far, it has been full of missions in my experience. I have the confidence i did not have in the first or even the second year and don't have the burden of my previous two year weighing me down. the lecturers don't remember me, most of them anyway, i say "Oh yeah, i just came back from Vancouver" they said "oh really how was it?" I suppose it help that i was quiet and didn't put myself out there, at least not as much as i do now. It means that i can show that i am a confident young woman who wants to make her films. It is a ploy of a kind, with myself being more recognisable and talkative, the more likely they are to help me develop and have my idea choose. What i am doing which i have struggled with a lot in the past is networking and putting myself forward. which is a good thing. What i will say as well is apart from a one of two newer lecturers i feel comfortable and confident to talk to them.

Starting new university year is like a new years resolution in a way. This year i will study more, i will go to the gym more, I will not go to the pub every night. Well, I'll have to see about the last one, but the rest is part of my goal. I want a first, simple as that. I want MY film to be made. I want to be fitter and more confident in myself. The problem is continuing with all after week three, when you get really work. I must also say that before now I have been able to study hard and have read more as the years go on, the gym is a new thing but we'll go from there.

As i said i have no idea how this year is going to go, probably good and bad in some area. I know what i want to achieve and i know mostly how to achieve it, but i am going to have to wait and see how these things pan out.

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