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Study Abroad: First off...

I had been in Canada for six months and since then I have not had time to write or do anything apart from study and more studying. OK, that is not entirely true, since coming to Vancouver six months ago at the end of August, I have done so much more then I could have done if I had stayed in England.

Let me start by saying that I was alway... (ALWAYS!) going to do a study abroad year, whether that had been in the US like I had initially planned or go somewhere else, I remember on my application form that I was going to do a study abroad year. However, there was room like so many others to change my mind. I know people who talked about applying and never did, and I know about five people who after going through the application process and getting in decided to stay. For myself I don't know whether that was a real option, to drop out or to just not apply, I have been wanting to travel and study for as long as I can before starting work.

Now, that didn't mean it was going to work out as well as I would hope. I knew people who didn't get in. Unfortunately, I knew people who had terrible experiences travelling abroad for the first time, with bad landlords or accommodation, who got homesick with in the first few weeks. And for me, my biggest three worries were people (making friends), whether I would learn anything, and whether I would be able to travel.

Six months later, and yes, I would say that people, study and travel are all going rather well, luckily. I have met a great bunch of people who are not just Canadians but also people from Asia and other parts of Europe. I feel like I have learnt more and grown more as a filmmaker in the last six months, then the second year at my other university. And while I am still working on the Travel part waiting for the big trip at the end of the year, I have been to whistler and learnt skiing which was big on my bucket list for this year.

Unfortunately, with six months past I only have less than three months left and two months of travel until I am back in England, and while I am sad that everything is already nearly over I wouldn't change doing this for nothing. It has been the best expense of my 20-year life, and I am so glad that I got to do all of this. It just means that next year I have to be better and more then what I have been previously, I don't want to go back and be where I was last year, and I want to do more.

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