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One Week Till I Go...

Well... That went quickly. It feels like it has taken no time at all to get from 'Oh i think i might go away for a year' to 'Oh Shit! what the heck was i thinking!!?!?!' Although really, i am not that nervous, but that is probity me in denial. Heavy denial.

So, this all started with 17 year old me applying for university. About three years ago, i was sitting at a computer in my Sixth form Library applying for UCAS, I was defiantly going to do a Film and Television Production course that was a no brainer, when it came up with an option of Film and Television Production (with study abroad). Although this wasn't news to me I had asked into it at the University. They had talked about people going to San Diego and California to do this extra year, near Hollywood and the glam of film. I must admit when I first clicked on the option i was like 'Hell yeah, i am going to California!' but alas things are never quite as straight forward as they first seem.

So how did i end up going to Vancouver, Canada instead of California. Well it was again a no brainer. First of all, when i started Uni i met class mate who was obsess about going to Vancouver and because of this I learnt about the place and industry there, which was far bigger then i thought. Secondly, and through that, I discovered that some of my favourite television programs were shot in Vancouver despite them being American shows. Lastly, the cost of America compared to Canada and the political climate was not ideal either, meant that it was cheaper and a lot safer going to Vancouver and saving money to travel America during the next year.

Now from here, there has been a lot of paperwork, a lot of money spent and so much contacting people and planning. Which i will write about because honestly there is nothing about what it is really like applying for study abroad. But i got through it, where as two people that i know of have dropped out of the program including the one who really wanted to go to Vancouver. Thats nothing bad on them, but as i said i have been thinking about doing study abroad for a whole three years, and for some people it is just to much. However saying that, i have never through i was NOT going to do study abroad. Maybe it is because my Dad travels for work or my Mum has always encouraged us to travel, or just because i am stubborn and don't like dropping something i set my mind to.

Anyway, I am leaving in a week... Great.

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