Production Runner

Teamwork, High Energy, Organised

I have recently completed a documentary ‘The War on Bacteria’ about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and a possible solution from our contributor Dr Hazel Barton. My role was the Line Producer and Scriptwriter, did with in-depth researching of AMR and other contributors in this project, through my diligent and reliability, I have succeeded in creating a documentary that is both informative and entertaining, being nominated for Best Screenplay at the Herts Vision Festival, the first documentary to do so.


In wanting to be able to diversify and enhance my Film and TV skills and knowledge, I have travelled to Canada to do a study abroad year in Motion Picture Art. In that year, I have worked on multiple production both individual and group projects, with people from different backgrounds and cultures, gaining international experience as well as growing as a filmmaker.

I have keen organisational skills which I have used in multiple roles such as organising filming at the London Science Museum and an interview with the curator of the Superbugs exhibition, which became the basis for our social media campaign. I thrive in a team environment, being able to listen and culminate other people’s ideas and strength into various projects, to create a cohesive team.