Having the opportunity to travel has been a deep-rooted ambition, especially in North America, so when I was offered the opportunity to go on a study abroad year, I went to Vancouver, Canada to study Motion Picture Art. I met people from different backgrounds where we exchanged ideas and experiences that have furthered my knowledge in screenwriting and film production. I went on to achieve the Fall 2017 Deans List Accreditation at Capilano University. Following this, I travelled solo for three months across North America, going to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Montreal and New York. Through this experience, I was able to visit the LA Warner Bros. Studios. One of the main things I learnt while travelling was the passion I had for British cinema. I am excited about having a long history of storytelling and bring innovation to the film industry. Having travelled I am now committed to reaching my full potential in the film industry.



My original path was more scientific than creative, with most of my family being from a science-based background, I was set with doing a GCSE Astronomy and A-level Human Biology. Nonetheless, I was drawn to writing, but with dyslexia, I was unable to take an English Language qualification, so I had to strive to overcome this to convey the stories I wanted to tell. Through developing my works, by writing in different genres and styles, I have refined my style of writing and learnt new ways to express stories with the perfect medium being film. With this, I changed direction to follow this passion for writing into a career in filmmaking.