After my trip to Edinburgh, I created a double-page spread for a travel blog or magazine. I designed it in InDesign and used my first-hand experience as the content of the article. I included the two main activities I did, a walking tour, and Edinburgh Castles, as well as general questions I got from AskThePublic for the top queries about traveling to Edinburgh.  

queens of crime cover.png

One of my passion is writing and reading classic detective fiction, and an ambition us to write a series about the four queens of crime, Marsh, Allingham, Sayers and, of course, Christy.


My idea was to have these four young writers with their shadows being their most famous detectives, Detective Allyn, Albert Campion, Lord Peter Whimsey and Hercule Poirot respectively.


Using photos from vintage clothes retailers and stills from television programs of said detectives. I researched vintage photos of each writer from around 1930, to choose each still of 'model' that would play her. Then I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create these posters/ covers, I wanted it to look like the cover of a book and added a vintage effect ontop to age the image. My own personal preference is to use bold and dark colours which I think works well for crime writers as well as the era that this series would be set.