Strong Communication, Research, Adventurous

I have experience recording data while working as script supervisor, where I recorded specific data about each scene filmed. Subsequently working as an assistant editor, I input footage data into EditFlow and Avid. I am confident and capable of using all types of hardware and software including strong skills in Microsoft software such as Word and Excel as well as being self-taught on Adobe Creative Cloud. I am organised and accurate, being both logical and thorough in my work. I recently completed a documentary about antimicrobial resistance (AMR), where I was the Line Producer. I conducted in-depth research into AMR and sought out contributors to this project, organising the finances, equipment and locations, including securing the opportunity and filming at the London Science Museum with an interview with the curator of the Superbugs exhibition. Through being diligent and reliable, my team and I have succeeded in creating a documentary that is both informative and entertaining.

I enjoy meeting new people and can work with people from all walks of life, being friendly and approachable with strong communication skills. In 2017/18, I studied in Vancouver, Canada, where I integrated myself into a new environment with new people from various cultures. I have a love of history and travel having visited many places in the UK, from a coal mine in Barnsley to Amberley Museum in Sussex and the Roman Baths in Bath. I am a member of the National Trust and frequently find myself looking at these environments as potential filming locations. After completing my studies in Vancouver, I travelled across North America enriching my experience, visiting Chicago, Montreal and New York. I made a point of visiting filming locations such as Hatley Castle near Victoria, Canada where X Men was filmed, as well as visiting some of the major studios in Los Angeles. This has heightened my interest in learning more about identifying film locations and improving my knowledge of this aspect of the industry.